(SCENE) Metrospace

(SCENE) Metrospace was founded by the City of East Lansing in 2004, and continues to be operated by the Department of Art, Art History, and Design at Michigan State University. Located in downtown East Lansing, it was founded in 2004 as a response to the “Cool Cities” initiative set forth by former Governor Granholm. (SCENE) … Continued

AA Creative Corridor

AA Creative Corridor, previously Art Alley, is located in the heart of REO Town at 1133 South Washington Ave. As the name implies, the space is a long, double brick-walled corridor. It was originally an outdoor alleyway with the original graphic advertisements still visible on its chiseled, brick walls, Years of previous investment into this urban … Continued

Absolute Gallery

Since 2003, Absolute Gallery has been committed to facilitating the appreciation of art in our community, the growth of local artists, and innovative programming. Absolute Gallery’s craft boutique is a shopper’s paradise of gifts and uncommon accessories for the home, office and special items suitable for the child. It stocks a carefully chosen array of designer goods … Continued

Accrescere II

Made by Jae Won Lee, an associate professor of Art and Art History at MSU. As the artist describes, ” With Accrescere II  (Latin, meaning to increase or grow) the multiple seedpod-like forms are made out of white and colored porcelain of pale blue shades that were then fired at 2,350 degrees Fahrenheit, in both … Continued

Always a Champion

Shows Magic Johnson dribbling the ball with his right hand while directing other players with his left. At Johnson’s request, there was a serious look on his face, not a smile, which may account for why the face on the statue bears so little resemblance to the real thing. “I very rarely smiled when I … Continued

America’s First Agricultural College

This mural is a painting commissioned by the Federal Arts Project of the Works Progress Administraion for the East Lansing (Michigan) Post Office. It is currently on long-term loan from the United States Post Office. Designed in 1938, it measures 139 inches by 49 inches. (Source: MSU Library Public Artwork Archives)


Andromeda, by artist Anthony Frudakis, is a bronze sculpture named for a mythological Ethiopian princess that has become an unintentional welcome sign to the City of East Lansing and the campus of Michigan State University. The windblown girl in bronze dances in her place, above the median of busy Grand River Avenue, seemingly unaware of the … Continued

Anima Librata (Balanced Soul)

Artist Evan Lewis’s 25 foot high, 300 pound, stainless steel sculpture creates an ever-changing display of dynamic motion. Powered by wind, the movement of the sculpture follows no set pattern. The energy source in this kinetic wind-powered art sculpture has created an ever-changing display of dynamic motion since its creation in 2004.


Enamel porcelain on iron or steel. 144 in. by 168 in. 1954


Enamel porcelain on iron or steel. 168 in. by 144 in. 1954


Artifacts is a three-dimensional still life featuring bits of found tiles including early Pewabic tiles and some ancient tiles from Tripoli (circa 400 BC). This work also includes bronze pieces of broken musical instruments from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and several typewriter keys. The artwork was originally conceived for the Michigan Lawyers Auxiliary as a horizontal composition. … Continued

Beal Garden Gates (Carlisle Gate and Handrails)

The 2008 Beal Garden Gates were made possible by a generous gift from Alumna Mrs. Sandra Carlisle, in memory of her husband John Carlisle.  Mrs. Carlisle wanted the gate to have an organic feel, which was captured by using plant-based shapes and casting bronze accents of hand-carved forms. The gates were crafted by Stefani & Company of Birmingham, Michigan … Continued

Bicycle Yoga

Bicycle Yoga is one of the six artistic bike racks/functional public art pieces installed in downtown East Lansing in 2014 designed to enhance bike parking options and the urban landscape. Bicycle Yoga consists of two human-like figures doing yoga poses and is made of bronze. As artist Doug DeLind describes it, “One of them bends over forward and the … Continued

Bird in the Hand

Fabricated by LCC faculty and students, the aged copper hand is steel plate with a bird resting peacefully on the little finger and an owl, perched on the thumb. An outstanding addition to this frequently used section of campus, Bird in the Hand adds a distinct look to this open area. (Source: LCC Directory)


Williams’ Bloom (2013) represents growth by portraying the fullness and lightness of flowers in bloom after a long winter. The artist compares the growth of flowers to students at Michigan State University who experience educational and personal growth during their campus journey. Once it is time for graduation, the students bloom.


Installed in 2006, this piece was originally conceived for a show at Chicago’s Navy Pier. At the time, artist Caspar Henselmann was preoccupied with tectonic plate movement. The concept behind the piece is embedded in the physical reality that we are sitting on a thin floating surface on a small sphere on an elliptical trajectory … Continued

Broad Art Museum

The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, a 2012 Zaha Hadid-designed contemporary art museum at MSU, is dedicated to exploring global contemporary culture and ideas through art. The museum presents groundbreaking international contemporary art across all media and thematic exhibitions that investigate contemporary works within a historical context. Fun fact: There are no right angles … Continued

Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly is one of the six artistic bike racks/functional public art pieces installed in downtown East Lansing in 2014 designed to enhance bike parking options and the urban landscape. Bill Mansfield, Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Chair explained why the DDA supported this project by saying, “This is an initiative the DDA undertook to support East Lansing’s arts culture. While we are … Continued

Building Community

Created in 2012 at Old Town’s annual ScrapFest, this piece is a visual depiction of the community building process: The foundation, while strong, has been assembled over the years in a rather haphazard manner. People filled spaces as needed, with some extending forth and some remaining in the background. The various colors of society are muted and … Continued


Artist Albert Paley constructed a poem along with his work of art to reflect his thoughts on the project and its name: Cadence Then as now Before language the cadence constant and ephemeral invisible its pulse evasive in stillness Transitioned towards light embraced in darkness Eternal the mystery pursued


Cassiopeia is a 1997 creation from artist Nancy Leiserowitz. Her in artist statement she states, “I have been making life-size figures for many years- both from memory and from the model… Sometimes form comes more freely and with its own truth without confrontation with an actual human being. I am particularly interested in making sculpture … Continued


On her 2007 piece with in collaboration with her husband, artist Evelyn Clowes had this to say about their piece: “We created site specific sculptures. We visited MSU to get to know the site and to learn the mission, as our goal was to create an artistic or sculptural expression that speaks to both. We feel this sculpture … Continued

Children Reading

This small yet vibrant glazed terracotta sculpture and fish head fountain spout are part of a garden wall that leads to Sarah Langdon Williams Hall. Completed through the WPA/FAP, the three young girls reading serve as a symbol of education, which is fitting to this once all-female residence hall. Glazed terracotta, 35 in. by 18 … Continued

Children’s Sculpture Garden at Fountain Square Park

The Children’s Sculpture Garden at Fountain Square Park in downtown East Lansing is a whimsical garden that features a number of bronze sculptures, designed to appeal to a child audience. The sculpture garden includes: “Slow Social Climbers and Friends” – made up of different-sized turtles, “Laura” – a bronze statue of a little girl holding … Continued

Circle Back

Circle Back is one of the six artistic bike racks/functional public art pieces installed in downtown East Lansing in 2014 designed to enhance bike parking options and the urban landscape. Made of steel and of a circular concept, artist Paul Such describes that they “wanted to do a circular thing because bikes have a lot of circular motion going … Continued

Clang Tone

Commissioned for the MSU Libraries by Steven Wilensky and Mark Ritzenhein. Stainless steel and bronze. [MSU Lib artwork inventory; MSU Lib. Insight May 2014] 2013

Collateral Damage

The concept for Artist Joseph Mannino’s piece was a quotation from an embroidered pillow on a loveseat belonging to Alice Roosevelt Longworth. It read “If you can’t say anything good about someone, sit right here by me.” The 1999 sculpture was donated to MSU by the artist and the 2006 installation was underwritten by a … Continued

Conocimiento (Knowledge)

Carbon steel 2014

Construction #150

Originally dedicated at the Washington Square Mall in 1973, this abstract sculpture was eventually loaned to Lansing Community College by the City of Lansing for display on the downtown campus in 2008.  In the early 1970’s, the Metropolitan Lansing Fine Arts Council requested a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grant. The NEA awarded the … Continued

Containment 1

This 2009 piece is an intricate, vein-like structure made of stainless steel. Paine is a sculptor who uses mechanical means and the innate logic of natural forms to create his “Dendroid” tree-like sculptures. His meticulous research and observation of a variety of tree species help him to understand the “language” of how a tree grows, and … Continued

Craig Mitchell Smith Glass Studio

Artist Craig Mitchell Smith is changing the way we think about glass. Craig’s revolutionary techniques in kiln-formed glass inspire experts in the field and he is said to be the most innovative kiln glass artist in America today. He has also received national recognition for his glass sculptures and is known throughout the United States for his solo … Continued


This 2012 piece is designed with layers of images based on maps and seeds starting with warm, earthy tones on the bottom and ascending to sky blue at the top. As you descend down, the maps grow increasingly more detailed and newer in age, in addition to changing color. The images of seed come from both … Continued


Whether seen on foot or from the window of a passing car, Delight illustrates something simple, yet remarkable: if we only could all see through the eyes of a child, we might be able to better experience the beauty and liberating splendor of tightly grasping six balloons of varying harmonious colors in the air. If you can dream … Continued

Dream Mobile No. 1

Dream Mobile No. 1 is one of the six artistic bike racks/functional public art pieces installed in downtown East Lansing in 2014 designed to enhance bike parking options and the urban landscape. All of the racks were made possible by the LEAP Public Art for Communities Initiative and the East Lansing Arts Commission and Art Selection Panel. They were … Continued


The definition of an echo – a repetition of sound produced by the reflection of sound waves from a surface – is the impetus for this 2012 work of art, also inspired by the invisible sound waves that emulate from the amphitheater and reverberate onward in space.  For the artists, these invisible concentric sound waves inform, … Continued

Education and Community

Dubbed the “Red Ribbon in the Sky”, this sculpture is the crowning jewel of LCC’s public art initiatives and downtown art walk. At 30 feet tall, it stands on the edge of campus bridging the gap between Downtown Lansing and the college that calls downtown home. The Red Ribbon delicately flows around a stainless steel, … Continued


Three pencils, each different in size, join together to create Elementary by Ryan Miller. This simple, yet large and intricately detailed sculpture will take you by surprise with its towering existence at nearly 25 feet. Outside of LCC’s Early Learning Children’s Community, it is sure to be an attraction that both children and adults flock to … Continued

Familiar Faces

This 7 ft. tall bronze sculpture s located at “No Name Park” in East Lansing and includes masks of previous East Lansing and MSU arts leaders. It was installed in 1999.


“Filament” sweeps through the Brody Hall university commons atrium like a brush stroke of light and color. A delicate and crystalline gesture in space, it ascends above the stairway, visible from inside and out, night and day. Its form suggests images that are simultaneously botanical and technical, familiar and fanciful. Tautly suspended from the main … Continued


World renowned artist, Imran Qureshi, was inspired by two 2010 suicide bombings in the marketplace of his home, Lahore. From a distance the red paint splattered throughout Ann Street Plaza recalls the aftermath of tragedy, but upon closer approach, the intricately painted floral patterns become clear, revealing beauty and the artist’s message of hope. The … Continued


The term “funambulist” comes from the Latin “funambulus” meaning rope dancer or tightrope walker. The artist notes: “This piece exhibits a great sense of balance and choreography. Combined with its association to the sail, it sets up a juxtaposition between the heaviness of steel and the fleeting forces of the wind, creating a compelling visual … Continued

Gateway to Health

This welded bronze sculpture depicts exercise in a diverse world and human engagement in sports and recreation. Located outside the IM West Building, it physically and emotionally ties with the mission of the Intramural and Recreation Sports Department. (Source: MSU Public Art on Campus Committee)


GBC is one of the six artistic bike racks/functional public art pieces installed in downtown East Lansing in 2014 designed to enhance bike parking options and the urban landscape. All of the racks were made possible by the LEAP Public Art for Communities Initiative and the East Lansing Arts Commission and Art Selection Panel. They were dedicated to the city on October … Continued


This sculpture by Hamilton Anderson Associates adds to the diverse and stunning array of public art on LCC’s campus. Look for the acute depth changes and play on colors that add to the dramatic presentation of this 12-foot contemporary sculpture. The paint finish was applied by local LCC alumni. Geometry sits at the southeast corner of … Continued


Artist Margaret Evangeline uses mirror polished stainless steel in this 2013 piece as a target for a gunshot. To her, piercing the metal signifies the inevitable decay of all things. Her work represents her distraught nature about life and lost after the tragic events of 9/11.

Global Balance

Mr. Spath states, “My work largely deals with the balance of man-made and natural elements and forms. Most of my sculptures are made of stone and glass. Often the stone is left rough in areas, representing the natural elements, while the glass is man-made. When I work in granite and glass, this dichotomy is particularly … Continued

Global Village

Continue on your stroll of LCC’s stunning array of public art. Among the path NW of the side of the Arts & Sciences Building, you will find Global Village: a gleaming celebration of culture, beauty and life as the engineered steel comes together to give the illusion of spinning ability. It brings an international sense of … Continued

Graffiti Art Wall

This large-scale graffiti art is located on the wall of what was formerly the Cadillac Club. Now home to Riverview Church’s newest location, this graffiti wall poses an interesting juxtaposition on the traditional image of religious building facades. The adjacent parking lot from which to view the art is where REO Town’s “Art Attack!” festival is held … Continued

Great Lakes Art and Gifts

Established in 1996, Great Lakes Artworks in Old Town Lansing features local artists from Michigan whose talents range from photography, wood working , fabric, and ceramics to jewelry, personal accessories, home décor and stationary. Guests and shoppers are welcome anytime to browse their unique displays, exhibits, and goods.


Nestled along the path between The Hill and the Health & Human Services Building on LCC’s campus, this subtle sculpture will prove trickier to find than most on campus. Look low! Created by William Royall, this stone piece represents Royall’s main body of work. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Royall chooses to work in stone rather … Continued

Grove Gallery and Studios

Looking for a unique gallery experience?  Then come and check out Grove Gallery & Studios, an East Lansing artist co-operative located at 325 Grove Street in downtown East Lansing. This space includes on-site working studios and a fabulous array of original art, including sculptural fiber/textiles, wearable art, pottery, encaustics, jewelry, printmaking, photography, glass, oil and acrylic painting. … Continued


The violoncello, abbreviated as cello, is a bowed string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths. Bergmann Associates’ take on this solo musical instrument is 10 feet tall, four feet wide and rests on the East side of Dart Auditorium in an illustrious cherry red. (Source: Lansing Community College)

Hometown Hero

This sculpture depicts a hometown hero greeting and signing his autograph for his young fans. It was dedicated to the people of the City of Lansing on the ballpark’s opening day on April 5, 1996 by the families of Bruce J.Maguire, Jr. and Natalie Maguire Zoeller. It is cast in bronze.

Inner Circle

Donated by Wharton Center Inner Circle to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Wharton Center and Inner Circle,  volunteer organization supporting the performing arts and offering members an opportunity to enhance their knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of the arts. Burnished stainless steel and rusted steel, 60 in. by 72 in. [Wharton Center PDF; publicart.msu.edu] 1944


Inspiration is a 20 ft tall, 2,000-pound ribbon of stainless steel by California sculptor James T. Russell. It has been buffed up and is ready to shine from the west bank of the Grand River, between the Lansing City Market and the Shiawassee Street Bridge. Known as the Gift to the City, this $225,000 sculpture has been funded … Continued

John A. Hannah Statue

This 2004 statue captures John A. Hannah walking briskly in mid-stride, reflecting his non-stop activity on behalf of the university. Hannah was MSU’s 12th president, serving from 1941 to 1969, during a period of unprecedented growth for the university and a time that saw MSU become one of the largest and most respected universities in … Continued

Katalyst Art Gallery & Gift Boutique

Katalyst – not your average gallery space – is cool, funky, fun, and unique. It features over 75 local mid-Michigan artists, whose work reflect a contemporary edge. In addition to an array of art, Katalyst also offers a wide variety of gifts for all occasions including jewelry, candles, contemporary home decor, lamps, and purses. Katalyst was opened in 2010 … Continued

La Fille Gallery

Owned and operated by artist and chemist Tiffany Klein,  La Fille Gallery was originally founded in Old Town before being relocated to a renovated four story building in the heart of downtown Lansing in 2012. Signature finishes, custom artwork, furniture, and the occasional jazz music showcase. Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 11 am – 2 … Continued

Lansing Art Gallery

Since 1965, Lansing Art Gallery has provided public awareness, education and enjoyment of the visual arts by promoting the works of Michigan artists. Featuring a diverse gallery shop and bi-monthly exhibitions, Lansing Art Gallery offers a free, cultural, facility showcasing artwork, pop-up art shows, public art initiatives, and education outreach programs for the community.   … Continued


The leaf is representative of Michigan State’s beginnings as an agricultural college as well as the Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment, a college housed within Bailey Hall. The leaf signifies the idea of growth within a college setting. It was created by Guy Kemper and installed in 2012.

Liberty Hyde Bailey

Liberty Hyde Bailey, who transformed the study of horticulture and rural sociology among many other achievements during his time at the university, boasts a statue in the MSU Horticulture Gardens. Bailey served as Chair of Horticulture and Landscape Gardening at the beginning of his professional career, thus making this location a fitting one. The statue is … Continued

Life Ray

Katy Stone is known for works that are reminiscent of nature, while also suggesting growth, expansion and transformation. Spreading along a wall under a light that symbolizes illumination, reach, and direction, Katy hopes this piece speaks to qualities that are reflected in the fields of nursing and life sciences. This piece was installed on campus in … Continued

Life’s Lessons

Featuring a child seeking knowledge, this 2007 sculpture illustrates the quest for knowledge and compassion for nature. As an interactive piece, it is comfortably at home in this interactive garden. This sculpture was a gift from Jane Taylor, the founder and first curator of the Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden. It is made of bronze and … Continued


Literature is a dynamic and thought-provoking sculpture of four stacked limestone books. Fabricated by Indiana Cut Stone, the detailed books will stimulate the mind’s eye from any angle. Set back off of the pathway, Literature is a must-see piece that sets the stage for contemplative enjoyment and rewarding conversation among LCC’s campus. (Source: LCC Directory)

Mackerel Sky Gallery

Located in the heart of downtown East Lansing, Mackerel Sky Gallery is a nationally-recognized gallery specializing in functional crafts, including arts to wear, artist-made jewelry, ceramics, glass and other fine crafts. Call them for more information at (517)-351-2211. Open Tuesday – Friday, 11a.m. – 7 p.m.,  Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sunday noon – 4 p.m.

Metamorphosis II

An abstract piece which suggests the workings of the cyclotron in which atoms are changed into electrified particles and accelerated in a magnetic field. It is open at the top, signifying the past, the center represent the present and the closed bottom represents the future. Bronze, 58 in. by 58 in. [Collections Search Center; publicart.msu.edu] … Continued

Michigan Institute of Contemporary Art (MICA)

Established in 1984, MICA Gallery is a project of the non-profit organization Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art. MICA is dedicated to featuring artists whose work represents a mix of progressive styles, social commentary, experimentation, and innovation. The gallery provides exhibition opportunities for visual artists, musicians, dancers, poets, and performance artists.

Michigan Passageway

This 2012 public mural serves as a special welcome to Downtown East Lansing visitors and as a way of celebrating the opening of the Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum. Internationally recognized local artist Tony Hendrick explains, “My vision for the mural was to create a welcoming space for East lansing visitors that would reflect a … Continued

Michigan State College Momolith

Created through both the historical Works Progress Administration and the Fee Assistance Program, this limestone marker welcomes visitors and students to Michigan State University’s campus. The marker was a gift from the MSU Class of 1938 while the university was known as Michigan State College. The classical column, reinterpreted in the Art Deco style of the … Continued

MSU Scrap Wall

This 2013 piece is composed of scrap wood from Cordy Ryman’s studio as well as wood from his former, deconstructed pieces. Each piece is recycled and has its own unique history. By combining simple pieces of scrap wood to make a beautiful mosaic, Ryman makes his overall art greater than the sum of its parts.

North Lansing Brenke Fish Ladder

The Brenke Fish Ladder was built in 1981 to help fish swimming up the Grand River pass the dam without injury. However, today the fish ladder is also a peaceful place to visit along the river where one can almost always find fishermen catching catfish, carp, sunfish, and other smaller species of fish that inhabit the Grand … Continued

Old Town Oak

In 2008, the current executive director of the Old Town Commercial Association, Jamie Shriner-Hooper, worked together with Harry Hepler from H, Inc. to get this “oak” tree placed in Old Town. Since the previous oak tree in this location had died and needed to be removed, this metal sculpture by Robert M. Welton was a fun … Continued


Clifton Wharton, MSU’s 14th president, and his wife Dolores commissioned Professor Melvin Leiserowitz to create the steel structure as an inspiration for fundraising in 1979. 6 tons. [State News]


Take a stroll along the path between the Abel B. Sykes, Jr Technology and Learning Center and Mackinaw Building to find this limestone open book, Pages by Ryan Miller, on LCC’s campus. A student concept design, Pages is a reflection of all the things that might be. Nestled under the trees in a quiet student-focused area, … Continued

Peace Tree

Peace Tree is one of the six artistic bike racks/functional public art pieces installed in downtown East Lansing in 2014 designed to enhance bike parking options and the urban landscape. Peace Tree consists of two small, round trees made of stainless steel that resemble the City of East Lansing’s logo and create a sense of peace and calm. Artist … Continued


This sculpture was started by artist, Avard Fairbanks. After his death on New Year’s Day in 1987, it was finally completed by his son Grant. The pedestal reads: “This piece is dedicated to the spirit of Matilde R. Wilson who through her enduring legacy, the Matilde R. Wilson Fund, has given wings to our dreams.” Pegasus was installed … Continued

Pet Rock

This 2001 painting represents “The Rock” on Michigan State University’s campus: a place where student groups and organizations paint a large rock with their emblem for all to see. The artist, Jon Anthony, represents a cross section of the rock by creating layers upon layers of paint to mimic those that have been on the actual … Continued


Enamel porcelain on iron or steel. 180 in. by 132 in. 1954

Proclamation of Emancipation

Three mural panels in the entrance foyer of the Auditorium display themes typical of government-sponsored art of the 1930s and 40s. We Assure Freedom to the Free (1944), the central figure of Abraham Lincoln in Proclamation of Emancipation (1943), and the words of Walt Whitman in The Modern Man I Sing (1944), emphasize the importance … Continued

Raising Harmony

Created in 2013, Raising Harmony honors the legacy of Mary P. Sharp, a woman of integrity and vision. As a former East Lansing City Councilmember (1965-1977), she was a trailblazer who passionately advocated for equality and civil rights for all people. Artist Richard Taylor integrated a diversity of shapes together to form a single, interconnected, … Continued

REACH Studio Art Center

Established in 2003, REACH Studio Art Center is Lansing’s only year round Community Art Studio dedicated 100% to providing out-of-school, integrative art education and community art engagement activities to participants of all ages.  REACH is re-developing the 1800 block of REO Town storefronts into an expanded art center, including a newly built gallery featuring a … Continued

Recycling for a Sustainable World

Artist Jim Cunningham depicts the two-dimensional recycling symbol, which was influenced by the original recycling symbol designed in 1970. The sculpture’s Mobius loop symbolizes continuous recycled use of materials. The sculpture is made of stainless steel formed from at least 80% recycled metal by North American Stainless.

Red Cedar Reflections

Inspired by the Red Cedar River, this 2012 mosaic portrays the ever-changing translucence of the water feature as it reflects the many images of campus life. The fabrication technique utilizes a combination of hand-formed ceramics in various oblong shapes and sizes, as well as small irregular pieces of glass byzantine smalti, and hand-glazed ceramic. The glazes … Continued


Reflections is a vibrant sculpture consisting of three stainless steel cylindrical discs that enhance the landscape and surroundings through light, splendor, and a gleaming shine. Created by artist Andrew Taylor, adults and children alike will enjoy seeing themselves and surroundings from all angles. It is a wonderful showpiece for the LCC campus. (Source: LCC Directory)

Regard to Asher, Bash Bish Falls, Jeweled Woods, Touch of Rain

Don Resnick is one of a handful of significant painters who continue to devote their talents to portraying the American landscape. He insisted that his work was not simply depictions of nature but more so his reaction to it. His playfulness with light and the position of the sun gives his paintings a distinct life … Continued

Remembrance Memorial

The memorial is a 10-foot “H beam” salvaged from the World Trade Center and honors those who lost their lives in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia on September 11, 2001.

REO Town Sign

Previously a blighted Deluxe Inn motel site, this land then became an urban art exhibit prior to the motel’s demolition in 2010 when over 100 graffiti artists came to the abandoned motel and created masterpieces on its walls, creating a large buzz within the community. Many people came to the site to see the artwork and … Continued

Robert Busby Memorial Sculpture

This sculpture was installed in 2013 in the memory of Robert Busby, a much-loved community builder and artist (dubbed “The Mayor of Old Town” and “Old Town’s guiding spirit”) who was tragically murdered in 2007. Created by Busby’s old friend, Maureen Bergquist Gray, this sculpture is a simple composition of a mirror-like aluminum sphere nestled between a … Continued

Rotary Club Steam Clock

This 31 ft. steam powered clock chimes on the hour & half hour from 8am – 8pm on the weekdays & from noon – 8 pm on the weekends. The clock also plays a song twice a day at 12:05 p.m. & 5:05 p.m. from a collection of 10,000 songs from its 49 bell electric … Continued

Saper Galleries

Established in 1979, award-winning Saper Galleries and Custom Framing provides the widest variety of original artworks of every medium and for every budget in its 6,000 square foot skylight-lit gallery in downtown East Lansing. On display are 1,500 original artworks by 150 artists from 15 countries, including paintings, drawings, limited editions, hand-blown glass, mobiles, sculpture, wooden boxes … Continued

Sculptural Improvisation II

Many of Hunt’s sculptures, including this one, are influenced by the surrealist ideas of other artists like Matta and Picasso. He has always taken an interest in the morphology and blending of natural and industrial forms. He states,“It is my intention to develop the kinds of forms nature might create if only heat and steel … Continued

Shigmatsu Memorial Garden

Dubbed an urban oasis, this memorial garden provides a peaceful space on campus to stroll, sit, and learn more about Japanese culture. The plantings, including pines, Japanese maples, and cherry trees, have been carefully selected to provide beauty through all four seasons. The garden contains several traditional elements: a dry gravel garden and a water garden … Continued

Sigma, Infinity, Pi

Subtle, earthy tones set the mood for three well-known and widely-used math symbols. The organic feel of the metal pieces mixed with rich textures of aged copper and brown descent provide a stunning landscape under the trees for a calming, natural backdrop on LCC’s downtown campus. These pieces were created by previous LCC student, Ryan … Continued


This piece is a gift of Selma Hollander, who commissioned it in 2004 in memory of her husband Stanley Hollander, a distinguished professor of marketing. This vibrantly colorful sculpture now stops visitors in their tracks on the landing between the first and second floors of the West Wing in the MSU library. The piece is made of poly-chromed … Continued

Sloth Pieta

This piece is an extension of American sculptor Steve Miller’s project, “Saude do Planeta,” in which Miller collaborated with the Brazil’s Instituto Goeldi to create a series of x-ray images of animals celebrating Brazil’s biodiversity. The 2012 sculpture depicts a female sloth with her offspring. The Brazilian sloth is suffering from air pollution and habitat loss, … Continued

Small World Globe

Bronze 30 in. by 30 in. 1945

Solar Flare, Bate, Peak Season, Manhattan Attitude

The artist, Chakaia Booker, works primarily in scrap tires acquired from junk yards, auto repair shops, and roadsides. The artist is inspired by recycling the tire scraps in an alternative way, reclaiming and shaping them into a variety of forms. This piece was completed in 2009.

Sound Junkie

Sound Junkie is more than what it seems initially, in an almost paradoxical way. Its Dr.Seuss-like shape and hillbilly attitude is inviting to the eye, but still contemporary. It’s balanced (a feat of engineering in a way), yet chaotic. It relies both on the continuity of our frame material and the disparity of our sound elements to look engaging. But … Continued


With concept & engineering from Bergmann Associates and fabrication from Mid-Michigan Fabrication, Standby poses a deep question to all who view it and perhaps, those who pass by without realizing and miss it. The gentleman stands tall patiently waiting reading a newspaper and the young woman, just as tall and to his left, is holding … Continued