Building Community

Created in 2012 at Old Town’s annual ScrapFest, this piece is a visual depiction of the community building process: The foundation, while strong, has been assembled over the years in a rather haphazard manner. People filled spaces as needed, with some extending forth and some remaining in the background. The various colors of society are muted and do not enhance one another or the community as a whole. However, time passes and the community deals with the complex issues within its community. It begins to identify itself. It gets organized. Once collaboration begins, the colors of the community are put on bright display and draw more vibrancy to the area. As the height of its evolution, the community has become a beautiful showpiece, represented as an artistic metaphor by this sculpture.

Building Community was created at the 2012 ScrapFest, by the Iron in the Blood Team, led by artist Dave Koenigsknecht, and installed in 2013.

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