AA Creative Corridor

AA Creative Corridor, previously Art Alley, is located in the heart of REO Town at 1133 South Washington Ave. As the name implies, the space is a long, double brick-walled corridor. It was originally an outdoor alleyway with the original graphic advertisements still visible on its chiseled, brick walls,

Years of previous investment into this urban 1,100 sq. ft. space make it the perfect home to showcase wall art and 3D art, and it is often sought after as a unique venue space for a variety of creative activities. Ariniko O’Meara, who voluntarily began managing the space after she brought her City Saunter photography exhibit in during October 2013, now maintains the space. As a photographer, she had always dreamed of having a space that she could share with other photographers and artists who desired studio space as an asset to their businesses. Thus, the AA Creative Corridor was officially established in 2013.

It is open 11am-3pm Thursday through Saturday, and by appointment.

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