Global Balance

Mr. Spath states, “My work largely deals with the balance of man-made and natural elements and forms. Most of my sculptures are made of stone and glass. Often the stone is left rough in areas, representing the natural elements, while the glass is man-made. When I work in granite and glass, this dichotomy is particularly apparent, since the granite is made mostly of quartz, and the glass, while made of the same material, is molten and shaped by the human hand. The glass also represents the more fluid inner life or soul, held by the solid external body. I always consider the way in which light will be reflected in the glass as time passes, and this movement is integral to the overall design of the piece.”

The piece was installed in 2005, is made of stone and glass, and measures 48 inches by 79 inches.

(Source: MSU Public Art on Campus Committee)

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