Robert Busby Memorial Sculpture

This sculpture was installed in 2013 in the memory of Robert Busby, a much-loved community builder and artist (dubbed “The Mayor of Old Town” and “Old Town’s guiding spirit”) who was tragically murdered in 2007. Created by Busby’s old friend, Maureen Bergquist Gray, this sculpture is a simple composition of a mirror-like aluminum sphere nestled between a … Continued

Robin Theater

The Robin Theatre is an eclectic listening room and event space. It is located in a 100-year-old storefront in the REO Town neighborhood of Lansing, Michigan. It boasts a 90-seat performance hall and is home to local and international music (from Folk to Hip Hop), sketch comedy, poetry, plays and more. The Robin Theater is a welcoming venue for artists … Continued

Rollercoaster Bike Rack

The functional and creative “rollercoaster” bike rack is prominently placed near Island Park, along the Riverwalk Trail. The rollercoaster nods to the rich history of Island Park and the real rollercoaster that once stood there in the 1890’s when the property was called, “Seven Islands Resort.” “Artist designed bike racks provide yet another avenue to … Continued

Rotary Club Steam Clock

This 31 ft. steam powered clock chimes on the hour & half hour from 8am – 8pm on the weekdays & from noon – 8 pm on the weekends. The clock also plays a song twice a day at 12:05 p.m. & 5:05 p.m. from a collection of 10,000 songs from its 49 bell electric … Continued

Ruhala Performing Arts Center

Their mission at RPAC is to serve the greater Lansing area with the most professional theatrical expertise and instruction based on more than thirty years experience in the arts and entertainment industry. They aim to bring heart-centered work into everything they do. They believe the heart-center is the feeling level; as well as the place where passion reside; and … Continued

Saper Galleries

Established in 1979, award-winning Saper Galleries and Custom Framing provides the widest variety of original artworks of every medium and for every budget in its 6,000 square foot skylight-lit gallery in downtown East Lansing. On display are 1,500 original artworks by 150 artists from 15 countries, including paintings, drawings, limited editions, hand-blown glass, mobiles, sculpture, wooden boxes … Continued

Schloss Köpenick

Schloss Köpenick is a Baroque water palace of the Hohenzollern electors of Brandenburg which stands on an island in the Dahme River surrounded by an English-style park and gives its name to Köpenick, a district of Berlin. The castle was originally built on the foundations of a Slavic castle (6th century) in 1558 as a … Continued

Scrap Art at Friedland Industries

Friedland Industries has placed artworks created from scrap metal at the annual “ScrapFest” in Old Town on it’s property to be viewed by the public. During Scrapfest, teams have an hour to collect up to 500 pounds of scrap from Friedland Industries’ scrap facility. During the next two weeks teams must execute their masterpiece. The … Continued

Sculptural Improvisation II

Many of Hunt’s sculptures, including this one, are influenced by the surrealist ideas of other artists like Matta and Picasso. He has always taken an interest in the morphology and blending of natural and industrial forms. He states,“It is my intention to develop the kinds of forms nature might create if only heat and steel … Continued

Sculpture at Herbert-Herman Cancer Center

Mixed media sculpture of steel and glass in plaza focuses on a meditative balance of materials at the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center at Sparrow Hospital on the Eastside of Lansing.


Artist Ivan Iler’s sculpture “Seniplarips” was unveiled in 2017 in front of the newly renovated Dart Bank in Mason.  The design represents growth, community, stability and the generations that will enjoy this for years to come.

Shanora’s Mural

Perhaps the oldest surviving mural in Lansing was painted in 1993. Willie and Orabe Fuller, owners of Shanora’s Beauty and Barber Supplies at 829 W. Saginaw St., wanted to introduce people to African Americans who had made a mark in history. Some would be recognized, others maybe not so much, but they’d spark interest. The Fullers commissioned Mark Beard, … Continued

Shigmatsu Memorial Garden

Dubbed an urban oasis, this memorial garden provides a peaceful space on campus to stroll, sit, and learn more about Japanese culture. The plantings, including pines, Japanese maples, and cherry trees, have been carefully selected to provide beauty through all four seasons. The garden contains several traditional elements: a dry gravel garden and a water garden … Continued

Sidewalk Dreams

In November 2017, the Lansing Poetry Club received a First Impressions Placemaking Grant supported by the City of Lansing, the Lansing Economic Development Corporation, and the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. The purpose of the grant was to celebrate four areas of the city—Old Town, REO Town, the Stadium District and the Eastside— through a writing … Continued

Sigma, Infinity, Pi

Subtle, earthy tones set the mood for three well-known and widely-used math symbols. The organic feel of the metal pieces mixed with rich textures of aged copper and brown descent provide a stunning landscape under the trees for a calming, natural backdrop on LCC’s downtown campus. These pieces were created by previous LCC student, Ryan … Continued

Sign Language

Sign Language, designed by Lansing-based visual strategist and designer Ben Graham, explores the social construction of meaning through the use of traditional communication symbols, and was featured at ArtPrize in 2015. Graham’s intent is to encourage the community to interact with the piece and each other, and to become more intently aware of our collective impact … Continued

Silver Respite

“I decided on a beacon, a sort of lighthouse, to guide visitors to the trailhead. The imagery of the sphere, pyramid, and bird come directly from the historic courthouse, and the leaves reflect the city designation as a Tree City USA. In addition, I incorporated a bench into the design so active people could sit … Continued


This piece is a gift of Selma Hollander, who commissioned it in 2004 in memory of her husband Stanley Hollander, a distinguished professor of marketing. This vibrantly colorful sculpture now stops visitors in their tracks on the landing between the first and second floors of the West Wing in the MSU library. The piece is made of poly-chromed … Continued

Sloth Pieta

This piece is an extension of American sculptor Steve Miller’s project, “Saude do Planeta,” in which Miller collaborated with the Brazil’s Instituto Goeldi to create a series of x-ray images of animals celebrating Brazil’s biodiversity. The 2012 sculpture depicts a female sloth with her offspring. The Brazilian sloth is suffering from air pollution and habitat loss, … Continued

Small World Globe

Bronze 30 in. by 30 in. 1945

Solar Flare, Bate, Peak Season, Manhattan Attitude

The artist, Chakaia Booker, works primarily in scrap tires acquired from junk yards, auto repair shops, and roadsides. The artist is inspired by recycling the tire scraps in an alternative way, reclaiming and shaping them into a variety of forms. This piece was completed in 2009.

Sound Junkie

Sound Junkie is more than what it seems initially, in an almost paradoxical way. Its Dr.Seuss-like shape and hillbilly attitude is inviting to the eye, but still contemporary. It’s balanced (a feat of engineering in a way), yet chaotic. It relies both on the continuity of our frame material and the disparity of our sound elements to look engaging. But … Continued


The idea of the Spartan Statue originated in 1932 from then MSC Athletic Director Ralph Young when he was visiting the campus of University of Southern California and saw their Trojan statue. Students attempted to create a Spartan statue, but all attempts failed.  Nothing more would be done until 1941 when President John Hannah took … Continued


Installed in 2015, Splash is a large sculpture that is the shape of a “splash” of water. This piece was created to “help demonstrate to companies looking to come here as well as their employees who settle in cities like St. Johns that we have a cosmopolitan environment which will help the area in terms … Continued

Spray Park Mural

A total of 1,852 tiles painted by over 1,000 community members come together to make a bright, fun mural for the Spray Park in St Johns. The artwork was designed by local artist Tracie Davis.  Along with her assistant, Diane Harte, she also assisted community members in painting their portions of the mural.  The artwork … Continued


With concept & engineering from Bergmann Associates and fabrication from Mid-Michigan Fabrication, Standby poses a deep question to all who view it and perhaps, those who pass by without realizing and miss it. The gentleman stands tall patiently waiting reading a newspaper and the young woman, just as tall and to his left, is holding … Continued

Statue of George Washington

On the corner of Walnut and Washtenaw Street in Lansing stands a statue of George Washington. His figure is memorialized in bronze in front of the Lewis Cass Building. The building is named for one of Michigan’s original territorial governors. It is also one of Michigan’s oldest office buildings. It once served as the state … Continued

Stop and Smell the Roses

Located on the property of Delta Township Hall, (7710 West Saginaw Hwy.), snuggled next to a beautiful fountain, at the corner of Canal and overlooking Horrock’s Market, this sculpture by Arts Council of Greater Lansing member Craig Mitchell Smith is a wonderful example of his great breadth of work. As can be guessed by this … Continued

Studio Retreat and Art Gallery

The Gallery exhibits emerging and established artists having created beautiful and intriguing works on paper, paintings, mixed media, sculptures and fine textiles/jewelry. The mission of Studio Retreat’s Art Gallery is to expose our community to new works of art and provide artists exposure to new communities. Studio Retreat’s Art Gallery features local artists and also … Continued

Summer Circle Theater at MSU

Starting in July 2013, the Department of Theatre and the Friends of Theatre at MSU launched a major fundraising campaign for a permanent home for Summer Circle Theatre. Lead donors Sam and Mary Austin started the process in motion when Sam (former Friends of Theatre President and University Distinguished Professor from the Department of Physics and … Continued

Sun Dial

Impression 5 Science Center and the Riverwalk Theatre are officially home to Michigan’s largest sundial along the Lansing River Trail! This timekeeping device was built and installed by the I5 staff, and was made possible by the kind generosity of Dennis Pace and Anne Grofvert.


Aluminium, 1955

Sunset Clay Studio

Sunset Clay Studio is a home-grown art space in Northwest Lansing. They are a fully equipped ceramics studio that focuses on teaching fine art hand building techniques. They are an inclusive and accessible space where people can learn about clay in a safe environment.


In 2017, Michigan-based artist Steve Scarborough donated his famed Artprize entry to the City of Grand Ledge. Printed on low luster aluminum, the 6” tall by 4” wide photograph depicts a woman hidden in a tree. Mr. Scarborough thought to make the donation to the city because the basis of the photograph is an actual … Continued

Tari’s Cornerstone Studio for Dance

Tari’s Cornerstone Studio for Dance was founded in 1989. They offer dance classes for children as well as adults in the following areas: ballet/pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and tumbling. In addition to recreational classes, they offer some of the finest competition classes in the state. In 2014, regional awards for the Studio included: … Continued

Thank You Michigan

Catch a glimpse of this interactive piece of art as you’re heading down Michigan Avenue! REACH Studio Art Center’s “Thank You, Michigan” mural is painted on the side of Soup Spoon Café giving residents and visitors the opportunity to share what they are most grateful for.

The Artisan Company Mural

Steve Allen created a huge mural on the outside of The Artisan Company Salon & Spa to make it visible from Washington Avenue, along with one located inside the building.

The Bird

MSU’s growing stable of sculptures includes the sledgehammer whimsy of New York artist Will Ryman’s “The Bird,” an elephant-sized quail made of massive nails installed last year in a courtyard near the Student Services Building.

The Butterfly Effect

This 2012 piece, situated in Wells Hall, reflects the mathematics and language programs housed within the building. It is inspired by Lorenz Attractor and The Chaos Theory. The purple, tubular shapes are reminiscent of megaphones or satellite dishes and these facets of the piece symbolically combine the language and math departments that bring a unique feel … Continued

The Dance Conservatory

The Dance Conservatory encourages students to reach their own potential as dancers, while catering to the various needs of individual dancers. Their strong recreational program and intense competitive program were each created with this large spectrum of artists in mind. They work towards enhancing each student’s artistic expression, be it through one class a week … Continued

The Fledge

The Fledge exists to influence the culture of our communities toward a positive entrepreneurial economy based on abundance (as opposed to scarcity). It creates an environment that encourages collaboration for sharing resources, tools, skills, technology and interests to create a cohesive system of a new economic view. Their hypothesis is that we can change the … Continued

The Heart and Art of Grand Ledge

In 2004, artist Tony Hendrick invited the community to aid in the design and painting of a mural depicting highlights in the City of Grand Ledge, both past and present. The end result is a colorful 58 x 26-foot true work of art affixed to the side of the City’s former 1855 Fire Hall. Here, … Continued

The Ledges

“The Ledges” sculpture depicts the awe-inspiring and unique sandstone ledges that occur naturally in Grand Ledge. Installed in 2015, The Ledges sculpture stands nearly 18-feet tall and is 9-feet wide. The climber affixed to the side of the sculpture recognizes the residents and visitors that frequent nearby Oak Park to admire and climb the ledges. … Continued

The Modern Man I Sing

Three mural panels in the entrance foyer of the Auditorium display themes typical of government-sponsored art of the 1930s and 40s. We Assure Freedom to the Free (1944), the central figure of Abraham Lincoln in Proclamation of Emancipation (1943), and the words of Walt Whitman in The Modern Man I Sing (1944), emphasize the importance … Continued

The Natural

A young boy ready to play baseball, this sculpture fits perfectly into the atmosphere of Cooley Law School Stadium, home of the Lansing Lugnuts. Currently, further information on this sculpture is still being researched.

The One Who Provides

On October 28, 2018, Old Town unveiled this mural by artist Nanibah Chacon. Her mural highlights representations of native women in addition to the traditions of plants and sustainability on indigenous land. When she paints a mural, Chacon’s goal is to learn about the community and make connections with the people who know the space best. … Continued

The Spartan (original “Sparty” Statue)

The Spartan serves as the official mascot of Michigan State University: a muscular male Spartan warrior/athlete dressed in stylized Greek costume. However, many current students do not realize that the current “Sparty” standing outside MSU’s Spartan Stadium is not the original. Due to years of precipitation, extreme cold and vandalism, the original terra cotta statue eventually needed intensive … Continued

The Twentieth Day of Autumn

Artist Stephanie Palagyi observed the natural landscape surrounding the Red Cedar River to find inspiration for her 2013 painting, The Twentieth Day of Autumn. Her intricate design represents the  root system of trees that have become exposed, revealing complex yet beautiful natural systems, that expose themselves over time.

The Worker

A structural tribute to the blue collar history of Lansing, The Worker represents the passion of the men and women who built Michigan’s capital city. Along with the “rebirth” of Lansing and the Stadium District developments, The Worker stands extremely tall to invoke a sense of community pride throughout the district and celebrate the rich history of the region. The … Continued

There’s Something Happening Here

“Perched atop a Turner Street building are silhouetted figures that could cause your heart to stop for a second. One appears to have binoculars; the other, a rifle. But they are just art, not a menace. The silhouette cutouts are extras from the 2014 ArtPrize exhibit, “There’s Something Happening Here” from Grand Rapids, by artist Henry … Continued

Thomas Jefferson

This 2007 bronze sculpture of Thomas Jefferson conveys the idea that hard work and dedication nurture growth not only of plants, but also of the human body, mind, and spirit. (Source: MSU Public Art on Campus Committee)

Thomas McIntyre Cooley

This memorial sculpture of Thomas McIntyre Cooley is located at the Darryl J. Parsell Memorial Garden in downtown Lansing.

Three Graces

Ceramic, 72in. Tall

Three Musicians

The Three Musicians is all that remains of a pair of large angular cast-concrete sculptural groupings that flanked the streamlined 1930s MSU Band Shell. The Cubist sculpture, which depicts a bass player, drummer, and saxophonist, was moved to its present site when the band shell was destroyed in 1959. Concrete,  60 in. by 84 in. … Continued

Tilted Windows and Wavelength

The artist, Linda Leviton, challenged herself by seeking to create an artistic representation of the scientific work done in the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory. Thinking of her audiences, Linda wanted the scientists at work to be able to recognize her artwork as a piece of both the science and of representing to the art world. Her … Continued

To the Poets Who Gather Here

In November 2017, the Lansing Poetry Club received a First Impressions Placemaking Grant supported by the City of Lansing, the Lansing Economic Development Corporation, and the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. The purpose of the grant was to celebrate four areas of the city—Old Town, REO Town, the Stadium District and the Eastside— through a … Continued


The artist, Matthew Boonstra, is a graduate of Michigan State University and a three-year resident of Owen Graduate Hall who modeled this piece after his time spent at the residence hall. He describes his experience as “transformative” and wants the piece to reflect that. He says students are physically, intellectually, and creatively mobile and are constantly discovering … Continued

Turner Dodge House

The Turner Dodge House & Heritage Center serves as a cultural hub for the greater Lansing area. Over the years, numerous restoration projects have brought this house back to life. It has been given a greater purpose within the Lansing community, serving as both a museum and center for the community. Originally constructed shortly after … Continued

Turner Mini-Park Sculptures

Turner Mini Park is located on the NE corner of Turner St and Grand River Ave in the heart of Old Town. It’s not a big park but it is the center of action at times with live music and art on display often. Even on ordinary days, it’s a great place to sit on … Continued


Affixed to a solid block of sculpted concrete, Tut-Tut stands just under 10 feet tall and viewers will be treated to many diverse interpretations depending on where they approach this massive, two-dimensional conceptual art piece. An original work of art, Tut-Tut adds a powerful and storied atmosphere to the patio of the University Center at … Continued


This 2007 sculpture’s name is inspired by both the artist’s granddaughter, Twyla, and the professional dancer and choreographer, Twyla Tharp. The work invokes the Bill Barrett’s gravitation to the freedoms embodied in Abstract Expressionism. For example, Twyla’s “expressive gesture hints at fluid movement, human form, grace and balance with an energetic tension visible from all vantage points”. (Source: Public … Continued

Under the Bridge

The US 127 and Michigan Ave. underpass by Frandor created an artistry light installation and murals that went far beyond just merely being a utility.  A challenge to overcome in the shadows under the bridge,  found an artistic and creative solution in the light. Shadow to Light! The goal of this mural and light installation … Continued

Underwear City

Underwear City (2009) is Lisa Sanditz’s representation of the economic, cultural and environment degradation of China’s production and foreign consumption. She strives to make a connection between everyday items and their source of production.

Union WPA Mural

This 1937 Works Progress Administration (WPA) mural, by artist Edgar Yaeger, was originally part of a triptych located in the Public Lighting Commission Building in downtown Detroit. It was removed when the building was destroyed and replaced by the Renaissance Center in the 1960’s. Though the complete mural was discovered behind wood paneling, only two of the sections, including this … Continued

Unity III

There is a captivating energy and sense of movement created by the connectivity and magnetism of the sculpture’s form, representing the cohesion of mankind into a universal form. In its purest sense, the sculpture depicts people coming together and the inherent beauty of this synergy. The artist’s life is rooted in the belief that people … Continued

Urban Landscape-Rural Landscape

“My idea was to show through abstract forms the vitality of urban industrial Michigan as well as the quiet peacefulness of its rural life,” says Alfred Hinton of his metal mural wall. “It’s a marriage of Michigan’s natural beauty and industrial might.” Twelve interlocking panels made of aluminium, copper, steel and iron curve to form … Continued

US 1-9

US 1-9 represents a personal experience the artist had while driving on a maze of highways to his first teaching experience at Rutgers University. This experience inspired the concept of a large sculpture representing a highway interchange that would be placed into a hill. The full-scale piece was never implemented. The sculpture was donated to … Continued

Velvet Elvis

As of Friday, September 8, 2016, in the alleyway behind The Creole, there is a larger-than-life Velvet Elvis. The mural was done by Eric Schantz of Saginaw, Mich., and commissioned by Old Town Commercial Association’s own Jamie Schriner. Jamie’s flat in Old Town came with a large expanse of empty, white brick wall along the … Continued

Vestigial Block

Known for his work in African and Cambrian black granite, artist Jonathon Prince has broadened his visual inquiry through a vanguard technique of “tearing steel.” He begins by reducing the steel to its most elemental state: the more basic the shape, in his words, “the more past and future seem indistinguishable.”  In the TORN STEEL series, … Continued

Veterans Memorial

The Michigan Veterans Memorial recognizes the sacrifices of Michigan men and women who served in World War I, World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.The memorial was dedicated on Thursday, November 11, 1982, by Michigan’s Veteran Organizations and Auxiliaries. There are public benches and seating areas for viewers to more easily access this … Continued

Veterinarians: Caring For Animals and the Public’s Health

This sculpture was commissioned by the dean of the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine for the college. it consists of two stainless steel hands holding a companion animal (dog), a food animal (Zebu cow), and a wild animal (eagle). The circle symbolizes the circle of life. Stainless steel, bronze on granite base, 94 … Continued


The most conspicuous of MSU’s newest sculptures is “Victoria,” a towering accordion of arches by Curtis Pittman, installed two weeks ago next to the Breslin Center along Harrison Road installed in September 2017. MSU is finishing a major renovation of the plaza surrounding the Breslin Center, and “Victoria” is the crowning touch. Pittman, who is … Continued

Waiting for the Mail

James Calder painted the oil-on-canvas mural “Waiting for the Mail” in 1938 for the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. The mural hangs in the lobby of the historic Grand Ledge, Michigan post office. (Source: Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs)

Walter French Building Murals

Capital Area Housing Partnership (CAHP) joined forces with the REO Town Commercial Association to unveil community painted murals at the historic Walter H. French School. The large-scale paint-by-number mural was designed by two Lansing based artists – Joy Baldwin and Eric Schantz. The concept portrays influential artists, musicians, and world leaders such as Oprah Winfrey, … Continued

We Assure Freedom to the Free

Three mural panels in the entrance foyer of the Auditorium display themes typical of government-sponsored art of the 1930s and 40s. We Assure Freedom to the Free (1944), the central figure of Abraham Lincoln in Proclamation of Emancipation (1943), and the words of Walt Whitman in The Modern Man I Sing (1944), emphasize the importance … Continued

Wharton Center for Performing Arts

Michigan State University’s largest presenter of performing arts, Wharton Center, has a long history of presenting quality programs since opening its doors in 1982. It encompasses four unique stages, including the Cobb Great Hall, the Pasant Theatre, MSU Concert Auditorium and Fairchild Theatre, all of which bring the  world’s best shows, musicians, dance companies, and … Continued

Wheel House Pottery Studio

Wheel House Studio is a hands-on creative space in REO Town.  Their goal is to provide Lansing access to uncommon art equipment, materials and experiences.  If you have ever wanted to make pottery on a wheel, this is the place to learn how.  Wheel House offers small classes in a low pressure environment.  Private lessons are available by … Continued

Whimsical pARTy Gallery

Tracie Davis opened Whimsical pARTy Gallery in September, 2016 in St. Johns as a studio for people to experience to fun side of art.  Her mission is to provide an entertaining way for people of all artistic abilities to unwind and tap into their creative side.  She offers cheerful, whimsical paintings that can be broken … Continued

Williamston Theatre

The Williamston Theatre is mid-Michigan’s only professional, resident theatre company, and operates under an agreement with the Actors’ Equity Association – the union of professional actors and stage managers. Located in picturesque downtown Williamston, the Williamston Theatre operates year-round, mounts six mainstage productions each season, and creates over 50 job opportunities each year for Michigan … Continued


Artist Eichinger is known for his bronze narrative sculptures that, as he puts it, “chronicle the eternal human pursuit of meaning, happiness, and growth.” e Born in Michigan, he attended Michigan State University for advanced sculpture study and since, has been sculpting for over 20 years. He currently lives in Oregon, is an influential figure in … Continued


Made by former MSU Art professor Mel Leiserowitz. Cast concrete. [;] 1925

Windrapids II

Artist Russell Thayer writes: “This sculpture is designed to be a bright arrow pointing to the recessed entry of the building complex that is otherwise invisible to the people or vehicles coming down the street. It is a welcoming gazebo-like structure encouraging interaction between the people and the artwork, a place of congregation for the users of the building. … Continued

Windwalker Underground Gallery

Windwalker Underground Gallery provides space for local and regional artists to perform, exhibit, and sell their artwork. The main Gallery space has a variety of art pieces and other items for sale with various different price points. Their performance space has a 75 person seating capacity with stage, lights, and sound. They host weekly open … Continued

Wonch Park Community Mural

Created and unveiled on June 11, 2016 on the restroom facility at Wonch Park in Okemos.  Artist Kelly Boyle designed the mural and it was painted by residents attending the Celebrate Meridian celebration.

Woven Art Yarn Shop

Woven Art is a unique yarn store located steps away from Michigan State University in Downtown East Lansing. Specializing in natural fiber yarn, indie-dyed yarns, knitting and crochet notions, spinning and weaving supplies, and a wide variety of classes, the shop fosters a fiber community passionate about learning.

Write On!

Have a seat outside on the north side of the Arts & Sciences Building on Write On!, a set of whimsical typewriter-style key stools designed and engineered especially for LCC. Relax, rest, and reflect on one of three stools thoughtfully placed where students, faculty, and staff can enjoy the beauty on campus as well as take … Continued

YMCA Historic Column

Expertly crafted more than 70 years ago, the YMCA Historic Column was located at the site of the former Lansing YMCA on Lenawee Street. The column, donated to LCC in 2015, has been reimagined and retro tied with newly designed stained-glass windowpanes and was given life by a newly installed light source that spread an … Continued

Young Girl

Bronze, 13 in. by 44 in.

Young Girl and Fawn

Bronze, 18 in. by 52 in.

Zilles Stubentheater

Zille’s Stubentheater in Berlin is like being invited to Heinrich Zille’s front lounge back in the 1920s.