Community Heart of REO

Artist Tony Hendrick’s Community Heart of REO mural of the REO Motors and Diamond Reo facilities, the REO Clubhouse, and a 1927 REO, was dedicated on August 18, 2015 during REO Town’s annual Art Attack! festival. The mural, part of a three-year-long project, was funded by a Sense of Place grant from the City of Lansing, and was helped along by many individuals and groups, including the R.E. Olds Museum, Reach Art Studio, Priscilla Holmes, James Neal, the REO Town Commercial Association and individual donors.

The mural, acrylic paint on aluminum composite panels, should last indefinitely and features former REO employees and their families.  The mural was moved in 2018 to the side of Impression 5 Science Center when the original site in REO Town was sold to Ellison Brewing.

Additional funding support for this project came from the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) and the Lansing Economic Development Corporation.

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