Blake’s Opera House

Constructed in 1884 as a roller skating rink, the downtown building was purchased by Peter Blake and opened as Blake’s Opera House in 1886. Here, audiences enjoyed talent shows, vaudeville (burlesque, comedy, song, dance), silent movies, and athletic contests. Between 1928 and 1984, the Stephens and Mapes families used the building as a furniture store. The Mapes family donated the building and property to the Grand Ledge Historical Society. After careful restoration supported by public and private funding, the Opera House was reborn in 1993. Soon after, the Michigan Theater in Lansing donated their Barton Pipe Organ to add another unique offering to the Opera House. Today the Opera House provides a distinctive setting for weddings, concerts, and events of all kinds held either inside the historic building or outside on The Commons, a beautifully manicured lawn overlooking the Grand River.